Editor June 18, 2020

Desire… a word so ingrained in his head since the first time that he saw her when she walked into the cafe with long, teased, brown hair. Her quiet, cold, calmness shouted to all that no one could break through the surface of her ocean. Ice was all that she was. She had a masterful way of making everyone in the room look her way, some tried to sneak peeks, others; men and women, openly stared as if she was the only woman in the world. He couldn’t believe that she chose to sit at his table.

“Is anyone sitting here?” she whimpered (or he imagined it), a voice much softer than her persona, pushing the hair out of her eye. He didn’t answer, didn’t need to. She was already sliding her tight, jeaned ass into the seat next to him. As she grabbed his Coke and sucked on the straw pulling the fluid from its container he wondered what this was all about. He sat up straighter, pushed out his chest trying to impress but she could see right through him…knowing.

When they dated he found himself getting closer to her, hugging her good night and then quickly stepping away before she felt his hard-on. She would peck him on the lips and say “Just friends…right?” with a sly smile widening on her face.

He could feel himself blush as her eyes drove him crazy, the brown orbs that encompassed him. There was a way that she would squint when she was reading a menu or thinking really hard, with that hair over her eye. She would catch him staring at her and would interrupt him with an uneasy joke or an offhand comment. She must have known what he was thinking. There was no hiding the desire in his eyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow ok? Let’s go for a drink.” She offered… knowing.

‘Wasn’t it supposed to be just friends?’ he thought as she reached under the table and put her hand on his thigh. He knew that this was going to be awkward. There’s no denying that he was hard, rock hard as she slowly slid her hand up until it reached his stone like crotch.

She looked away with a smirk on her pretty face, pretending to watch the crowd. Her hand movements were almost imperceptible above the table just twitches of her forearm. Underneath the table, though she was fumbling for the tab on his zipper, sending jolts of fire up to his brain.
The cool air exciting his pubis as she struggled to tug out the flesh, a wrinkle of her chin was the only crack in her stone façade.

She snuck sideways glances at him as he struggled to stay composed. He began to look longingly at her cleavage so close to him her well rounded breasts pushing against the ripped T-shirt exposing just enough goose-pimpled flesh. Her hard nipples protruding against the fabric with no sign of a bra.

‘I wonder if she is getting off on this little power trip.’ He thought as she slowly began to tap her fingers on the head of his cock, soft hand messaging…hips scooching to get more; trying not to look conspicuous. Leaking precum ontp her palm.

“Don’t” she whispered, “don’t move.” as she stopped her hand and put a finger to his lips to shush him before he protested, then wiped the dribble of fluid from his cock onto his lips. Licking them he could smell his sweat; he could feel the room heating up as her fingers tickled his scrotum, her palm squeezing the shaft. He coughed to hide a moan and took a drink of his beer.

Her eyes were ablaze with intention when she finally looked at him. A sheen of heat on his forehead. The tensing and loosening of her hand with little up and down jerks began to intensify. He knew then that he was in trouble, this was all too much and she wasn’t going to stop till he came. He wanted to groan, scream, run but stayed motionless except for his heart beating to the same rhythm as her hand. Her eyes fixed on him beaconing him to stay still as she fished out the celery stalk from her Bloody Mary and brought it to her mouth, sucking the spicy red liquid from the veins as if it was his own tool.

He was close, her hand pumping, working magic. Her eyes had him transfixed swimming in her brown pools. His legs began to tremble and she smiled…knowing. He couldn’t hold on, his body tensed, his balls jumped. A final tug upwards and he spewed out rockets of cum as almost audible smacks hit the bottom of the table.

She giggled to herself, but never left his eyes…silence as she released him, removed her hand, swirled her cream glazed fingers one by one in her drink and shot it down.

“Hurry and zip up…I’ll meet you in the car.” She laughed as she walked out with her ass swaying to an unknown tune, high heels ticking tocking on the hardwood floor.

He waited to soften so he could wrangle himself back in his jeans and then try to walk out with weak legs and a wet bulge.

He found her sitting in her grenn VW adding a layer of dark lipstick just like the movies. She leaned out the window and handed him a piece of folded paper and kissed him….mouthing “Next is my turn.” she drove away.

He read ‘Just friends …right?’