Year: 2021

Editor August 8, 2021

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Editor July 18, 2021

Someone once said that amateur pornography is just a mere depiction of human imagination, thoughts we would never dare to put into action but others have done it for us. The truth is that pornography has reached a point where explicit is the smallest word we could use to describe it. And as the Internet […]

Editor July 15, 2021

She is in an elevator with a guy. They send each other secret glances. Suddenly she reaches out and touches him between the legs. He looks up surprised, flashes a grin. Slowly and methodically they undress one another. The elevator is stopped. The camera on the elevator panel is looking in. So is the guard. […]

Editor June 25, 2021

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Editor March 20, 2021

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Editor March 12, 2021

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Editor February 15, 2021

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